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multiply() Formula returns 0.00 after save?

Question asked by Angelo Bovino on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by sugar.dennis



I am trying to create a new field that is a currency data type.  I have selected "Calculated Value" and input the formula, multiply($tiv_c,.0025). 


The formula works when I am editing/creating a record, and it displays the correct output.  However, when I hit save, it immediately defaults to 0.00.  I have tried using the floor() function to drop any decimals but no success.  Perhaps, I am not using the floor() function correctly?


This is the floor function I attempted to use floor(multiply($tiv_c,.0025))


the $tiv_c field is also a input currency data type.  Both are required fields, and even though my calculated field defaults to 0.00 it will still allow me to save.


Any suggestions?