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Combine reports/headers in advanced reports

Question asked by Julian Menningen on Jul 25, 2016

Hi Guys,


I'm running: Enterprise


In advanced reports, I have a lot of queries created, already designed the data formats and gathered them in one advanced report. These are actually all the same reports with all the same columns, just with different GROUP BY statements. Pretty simple so far.


The SugarCRM documentation ( ) states that data formats support Combining with previous data formats (means removing the gap between them) and grouping with previous header (meaning that all columns are aligned to the same width). I tried ticking both boxes for the second data format and added them to my report. However they are still separated by a gap and columns don't match.


I created an example and attached it. In the example the first table (Test1) has altered column width (percent based), Test2 has no changes to the body.


I didn't find anything in the open issues list, so can anyone help? Is it a bug or a faulty configuration?