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how to order dashboards in navigation dropdown?

Question asked by ozchris on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by kshah2411

The SugarCRM logo in the top left corner of the navigation bar,  shows dashboards, activity stream and recent items visited.


One of our managers has created multiple dashboards - one for each of the people reporting to him.

He wants to change the sort order.


Looking at the code in modules/Dashboards/clients/base/api/DashboardAPI.php, it looks like the dashboards are sorted as follows:


protected function parseArguments(ServiceBase $api, array $args, SugarBean $seed = null)
   if (!isset($args['order_by'])) {
   $args['order_by'] = 'dashboard_type:DESC,date_entered:DESC';


Is there an upgrade-friendly way of overriding the sort order so that it sorts by dashboard name?