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How to customize SYNO dashboard?

Question asked by James Palmisano on Jul 14, 2016
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I have been given the task of customizing the dashboard which is generated by a plugin called SYNO.  My Goal is to identify specific records by marking it with some visual identifier. So highlight it in red or something. I have an idea of how to do this if I can find the view.  If I know where the view is that this dashboard gets created from then I can add some attributes to rows that meet some business logic. Then I can use the custom.less file to style it. 


Using the sugar developer plugin I found on github I can see that the dashboard is located in the home module which is in <yourProj>/modules/Home.



I'm not sure where to go from here.  Because my team uses this plugin how does that effect how I would approach this problem?  I created a ticket with SYNO to see if they would help, but they appear to not support extending of their plugin as they keep directing me to admin documentation.


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