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How to Send Message from User who created the record using Process Definitions?

Question asked by Boris Budac on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by Lori Arce

Quick summary of what I am trying to achieve:

When creating a new lead, we would like to send out a welcome email coming from the customer service rep (User that created the Lead).


I have made a simple Process Definition for the Lead module:

Start Event:
Applies to: New Records Only

Criteria: Send Email Welcome Letter is equal to true (This is a checkbox that is checked when creating new lead)



Creates Task for Record Owner (User Assigned to Lead)


End Event:

Result: Send Message

This sends message to the Lead (Email entered at lead creation).


Problem: This process definition works but emails are being sent out by the system email address identified in Admin>Email Settings. This email address is usually our admin email which no one responds from, if the potential lead replies to the email, they will not receive a response.

I would instead like the email to come from the User who created the record. This will feel more personalized and the lead can reply back to one of the customer service reps that created the lead.

Is this possible?