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Process definition not assigning to user

Question asked by Ben Eversfield on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by Ben Eversfield

I have set up a process definition based on a process business rule that assigns a user and then what I'd like to happen is if the user approves this will send an email or if they choose to mark it as ignore, terminates the process but the process doesn't show up in the assigned users process dashlet.


Here are more details:


The start event is based if the lead score (an integer field in the target module) is greater than or equal to 100.


This then leads to an action based on a business process rule that checks if the lead score is greater than or equal to 100, it marks this as a "Follow Up" using a string in the conclusions.


I then assign a user and add a diverging gateway to determine if the lead is qualified by human approval. If yes, it sends an email, if no the process is terminated.


Any help would be appreciated here.