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Archiving emails to their contacts (Email2Sugar?)

Question asked by Gabriel Sablayrolles on Jul 5, 2016



I have a very simple (I think) issue :
Whenever I send an email to a client, it shows up in his fiche (account, contact or leads)
Problem is : the answer of the client doesnt. It shows up in the mailbox (that I configured in Sugar), but doesnt seem to get associated to the fiche of the client (even tho the email adress he used, is saved in his fiche client)
Any solution ?
While browsing I found New “Email 2 Sugar” Tool Links Emails to CRM so Users Don’t Have to |

That seem to be a solution to my problem, but the link shows a 404 error, and on internet i find it only on some wesbites in Norwegian or Nordic tongues ... (even tho its developed by Loaded Technologies which is an Australian company, it doesnt really add up).


In advance, thanks!