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Add custom fields in create and record view of data type which is not defined in sugarcrm

Question asked by Sam Roy on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by Sam Roy

Hi All,


I want to add custom fields in Create and Record View for a specific module.


I want One Dropdown box, Two Text Box and 10 Checkbox all this elements should be side by side. with +icon or Add button.

When we click on Add or + icon button it should add another row with One Dropdownbox, Two TextBox and 10 Checkboxes.

Now based on Dropdown selection i need to display Checkboxes with Two Text Box i.e

Lets say in Dropdown List we have option1, option2, option 3.

Selecting option1 need to display 3 checkboxes with Two Textbox.

Selecting option2 need to display 6 checkboxes with Two Textbox.

selecting option3 need to display 10 checkboxes with Two Textbox.

After filling all fields and click on save those values should be store in database.


Can we do this in sugarcrm 7, please guide me if we can