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How can I resize each column of a table in PDF Manager

Question asked by Mark Potten on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Alan Apter

I am trying to format the quoted line items table in the quotes template with PDF manager and becoming very frustrated by the complexity of trying to resize the columns to fit the contents.


I can get the table to fill the width of the page however getting individual columns to fill correctly is nigh on impossible. The attached pdf is an example of how far i have managed to change the layout of the embedded quotation template.


I would also like the totals table to stay to the right of the page and fill correctly. This can only be done if i add another column and set the whole table to the full width then i end up with ugly empty cells across the page.


PDF Manager is very very complex to use and really Sugar should take a good look at how Salesforce do this functionality for templates. Why offer the ability to prepare quotations without a simple quotation PDF document.