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Chart Dashlet customize with sort and scroll

Question asked by sikander Hayat on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2016 by Ishani Lad

Hi I have simple two question about Chart Dashlet .

1. I want to use Vertical scroll bar in Dashlet when contents increase like below picture

2. I want to Record Sort Down with no of count value like below image 285, 220 , 200, and so on


How can do it it share code


         $sugarChart->setProperties('', 'Cases chart', 'horizontal group by chart'); $sugarChart->data_set =  $sugarChart->sortData($sugarChart->data_set, 'count', true, 'user_name', true, true);      // not working this method for sorting

$xmlFile = $sugarChart->getXMLFileName($this->id);      

$sugarChart->saveXMLFile($xmlFile, $sugarChart->generateXML());      

return $this->getTitle('') .'' . $sugarChart->display($this->id, $xmlFile, '100%', '480', false) . '

'. $this->processAutoRefresh();     }