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Load the drawer after all the data set in is saved

Question asked by Roland Cadavos on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Alan Apter

I have this code but the first click on event doesnt fetch the collection. If i cancel the drawer and click again, till then the data has been loaded.


             var locationsget ='Location');

             var requestget = locationsget.fetch({"filter": [{'address_postalcode_c':postalcode_val}]});

             var locationset ='Location');


                            if (_.isEmpty(data.records)){

                                for (var i=0; i< mydata.length; i++){


                                        // my external data is set here. no problem with this



                                        success:function() {console.log('success_save');},

                                        error:function() {console.log('error');}





                               layout: 'selection-list',

                               context: {

                                    module: 'Location',

                                    collection: locationsget,

                                    filterOptions: {auto_apply:false},





The first collection is triggered before all the .save() data is successfully saved. Any help will do.