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Formatting issue with amounts & characters

Question asked by Gabriel Sablayrolles on Jun 21, 2016
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Since my good ol' Sugar was old and outdated, I decided to start back from scratches and have done a new installation, hosted on OVH on which I installed a LAMP distribution with a MySQL data base and an Apache server. As a backup, I simply extracted my old modules data in CSV format (there probably is a safer way, i'm all ears) ; now that my Sugar is running, I'm importing those datas. I've had several issues I managed to fix, but there is two that seem to be out of my reach.


- First of all, my amounts (187,68€ being a hundred eighty seven euros and 68 cents for example) are perfect in my Excel worksheet, but as soon as I import them in Sugar, they appear in all messy : 187,68€ in excel becomes 18,768.00€ in Sugar. In the general settings (and also in the additional parameters when I import the files), the thousand separator is "." and the decimal symbol is "," (this is the french format). As you can see, it seems to not be taken into account. I tried to simply delete or use a space as thousand separator, the issue remain identical.
Some help would be much appreciated.


Here is a copy of my file config_override.php, which display, as far as I can tell, the same informations

$sugar_config['default_module_favicon'] = false;

$sugar_config['dashlet_auto_refresh_min'] = '30';

$sugar_config['enable_action_menu'] = true;

$sugar_config['stack_trace_errors'] = false;

$sugar_config['developerMode'] = false;

$sugar_config['dbconfigoption']['collation'] = 'utf8_general_ci';

$sugar_config['default_export_charset'] = 'UTF-8';

$sugar_config['default_currency_iso4217'] = 'EUR';

$sugar_config['default_currency_name'] = 'Euro';

$sugar_config['default_currency_symbol'] = '€';

$sugar_config['default_decimal_seperator'] = ',';

$sugar_config['default_number_grouping_seperator'] = '';

$sugar_config['default_date_format'] = 'd/m/Y';

$sugar_config['default_language'] = 'fr_FR';

$sugar_config['default_time_format'] = 'H:i';



- Second of all, my accentuated characters appears in bloody messy format ("coopération" becomes "coopération" for instance). My files are in CSV and the delimitator in Sugar options is the comma, as it should be. I've encoded all my files in UTF-8, the default encoding for extracted and imported files in Sugar is UTF-8, and the collation is utf8_general_ci. I've tried many things (notably tried the default ISO-8859-1 encryption, since the command file -i shows my file under this encryption, even tho damn windows shows a simple UTF-8) ; I wont list it everything here, but to be honest, I'm desperate.
NB : I tried the roman UTF-8 in collation, even tho the collation doesnt make much sense for my problem but well thats how desperate I am, as some forums says, since it would be the most appropriate for french symbol ; Sugar went totally off and I had to change the collation back directly in SSH to restart it properly.


-Finally, slight things, for sure not crucial but I still wonder : I dont manage to erase saved predisposed mappings (in the import assistant), deleting them seem to have no incidence whatsoever if not making them disappear from the window. But as soon as I refresh, they are here, taunting me me.
And in the studio, I cant seem to delate a field. I'm not sure its the correct name (my Sugar is not in English), I'm talking about the wording used for mapping, such as Name, Phone number, Date of creation and such.


In advance and by all means, thank you