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How to customize a custom module's selection-list view?

Question asked by Roland Cadavos on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by David López

Hi All,


I want to customize the selection-list layout of a custom module. I was able to customize the list view but of no luck on the selection-list layout/view upon opening a drawer. Only the default fields always appears: "name", "team_name", "assigned_user_name", "date_modified", and  "assigned_user_id". Any help is much appreciated. Tevfik Tümer


UPDATE: I already customized the selection-list using Studio. The Popup View> Popup List. The next thing i want is to append is a custom result (not the records, myData), a collection to appear on the selection-list.
var locations ='<custom_module>', myData);{

     layout: 'selection-list',

     context: {

          module: '<custom_module>',

          collection: locations




how can i make the json result of my REST API (myData) into the fields of the selection-list view???