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Is there a "quick-edit"  view for the record

Question asked by Caim Astraea on Jun 9, 2016


Looking to manipulate the inputs of record.js but finding it a bit tricky to do so on record.js since they simply don't exist on the normal view. They only get created when a user clicks on the .record .record-cell.

Until then they are divs such as <div class="fieldset-field" data-type="text" data-name="billing_address_state">

Is there a way to let's say for example for each children input of this.$el.find('[data-name="billing_address"] ') 

to add a css property while on record.js ?

Basically I'm trying to add a .css('','')  for some of the inputs based on values of other fields but can't find a way to target them.