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Can I dynamically adding menu items to the list view?

Question asked by Glenn Richmond on Jun 9, 2016


I'd like to be able to dynamically append data to the metadata for the list view. Specifically, I can do this by writing content to:


with something like:


    // Add the actual button

    $viewdefs['Opportunities']['base']['view']['recordlist']['selection']['actions'][] = array(

        'name' => 'somebutton',

        'type' => 'button',

        'label' => 'My Button',

        'acl_action' => 'export',

        'primary' => true,

        'events' => array(

            'click' => 'list:customevent:fire',



However, if this is on ANY module, I need to be able to write this dynamically. I can do this on the record view with the sidecar parser class, but it doesn't seem possible with this particular view. By writing the file directly, the module would become incompatible with Sugar on demand.

How can we do this in a way that's compatible with on demand?