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Does anyone have a basic PDF template for quotations

Question asked by Mark Potten on Jun 8, 2016

I have been trying to build my own PDF template for quotations as this is not supplied with SugarCRM and this must be created before you can either print or email a quotation to a customer. (a fundamental function of any CRM system really in the modern world)


The issues I am having are

1. when i format the template in PDF Manager and save the formation does not remain so any indentation and layout i make do not remain when i try to download the pdf from the quotes module

2. I cannot find where the products {fields} are and how to make the insert into the quotation pdf. All i get is a PDF document with headings basic customer and user information and no line items. I can insert every other field i need except the Actual line items which really are the most important thing


I need the following details of the line items to appear

Qty, Vendor Num, MFT Num, Product Name, List Price


once all the line items have been listed I want the sub total, taxable value the tax and the grand total as filollow


Sub Total      $10,000.00

TAX               **%

Total Tax       $1,000.00

Grand Total  $11,000.00


This is a PDF of our current quotations that comes from our Excel system that we are having to use as an interim since switching for Salesforce


This is what I have managed to create so far Would also love to be able to easily insert our company Logo


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