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How to evaluate integer (number or decimal) fields in WorkFlow - equal, less or greater than scenarios - as trigger?

Question asked by Arpad Szabo on Jun 7, 2016
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We have started usign Sugar Worfklows and we have a calculated filed (based on multiple dropdowns), that calculates the risk of the opportunity.

The field is actually integer field that can hold value from 0 to 100.


What we want to achieve:

We want to use this filed like a trigger in WorkFlows, to send notification e-mails, when the valuen in the field is greater than 25, but less than 50.



At the Worklfow manager if I select thed field, I can olny add exact value of the filed with the "this" or "not this" option. Its a littlebit confusing to me.

In Studio the field is checked like "Reportable".


Thank You for Your help and ideas!