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I'm new to CRM CE - and would need your help!

Question asked by Dev Student on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by Offshore Evolution

Hello! I'm trying to use the CE version for as a project for school.
I would like to ask how can I add a button either on listView or DetailView that could change the value of a field.

So, I have this module of Quotes, and planning to add a button that could change the Status field from 'not paid' to 'paid'
I've tried searching the community and other sites as well, but everything I found seems cannot cater to my needs.


Also, I have these error or warning showing. I have no idea how I could fix them, because they seem to be working before, but after my computer's restart.
These errors pops up.




SugarCommunity - 1.png

Line Code:



class ViewAddLineItems extends SugarView{

    public function __construct() {


        $this->options = array(); }

    public function display() {

        $is_group = $_REQUEST['is_group'];

        $is_product = $_REQUEST['is_product'];

        $is_service = $_REQUEST['is_service'];

        $group_row = $_REQUEST['group_row'];

        $product_row = $_REQUEST['product_row'];

        if (!$product_row) {

            $product_row = 0;}

        $this->ss->assign('is_group', $is_group);

        $this->ss->assign('is_product', $is_product);

        $this->ss->assign('is_service', $is_service);

        $this->ss->assign('group_row', $group_row);

        $this->ss->assign('product_row', $product_row);





Help is always appreciated! Thank you so much in advance Sugar Community!

PS: I have no Idea what 'In a Place' should I put, I'm sorry in advance.