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Group multiple Studio changes into one system refresh?

Question asked by lsackett on Jun 3, 2016

In version 7, any time a change is made in the Studio (new/updated field, dropdowns, layouts, etc.), it causes a system-wide refresh of all pages for all users. This can potentially lead to issues if it catches someone in the middle of an edit, or can lead to slowness if many tabs are open (as it takes much longer to load a page when many other pages are simultaneously loading in your browser).


This usually isn't a problem if a single Studio change is made in the middle of the day, but it makes it just about impossible to make multiple changes while users are in the product (without severely interrupting them).

For example, if I need to add 5 new fields and change a layout, it would be great if there could be just one refresh at the end of the Studio editing session. Otherwise it really limits our ability to customize the product during normal business hours.


It's a long-shot, but is there any way to get around this? Perhaps this is better suited as an idea/feature request.