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Invitees not implicitly available using REST API

Question asked by Brecht Yperman on Jun 1, 2016

Based on previous experiences (described in Retrieving products/contacts for contract using REST api ) I no longer use a field filter when trying to retrieve related records.


It seems however that (at least for Meetings, haven't tested for all modules) when you do not explicitly specify the 'invitees' field, it is not returned by the API.


So when I issue this:


I get the invitees back


When i issue this command:


I do not get the invitees


So the combination of these problems seems to force me to retrieve only the related IDs and then retrieve the instances one by one based on ID, with the fields filter specified.


This is using SugarCRM, I have not tested with other versions.


Why do I not get invitees back when not specifying it explicitly? And why does specifying the fields on the link-retrieval sometimes result in no records being retrieved?