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Database error after moving to a different computer

Question asked by m s on May 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by m s

Using actually 6.3.3. on Windows 10. Had to move local installation to a different computer . Installed sugar from back-up and database from sql backup. Can open sugar with the data, but not working properly. When using repair tool of sugar get error messages regarding differences between database and vardefs. It refers to line 688 and 720 of the DBManager.php file. According to the sql statement several tables in the database e.g. eapm, documents_accounts, documents_contacts etc. are missing or have missing information. Executing the script in sugar leads to the error message: Database failure. When running the script in phpAdmin I get an error message that the eapm table doesn't exist although I can see it as a hidden table. Any suggestions how I can move sugar flawlessly or how to repair the moved version?