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Unknown error in SOAP call: service died unexpectedly

Question asked by João Martins on May 27, 2016

Hello guys.


I'm a noob in sugar crm XD

I'm going a c# webservice soap, for contact PHC (Portuguese CRM) with Sugar crm.

I'm trying get the campaign name with the code bellow.


SugarCRM.link_name_to_fields_array[] fieldsarray1 = new SugarCRM.link_name_to_fields_array[1];

String[] campaign_fields = new String[1];

campaign_fields[0] = "name";

result = SugarClient.get_entry_list( SessionID, "Campaigns", "id='" + _campaign_id + "'","", 0, campaign_fields, fieldsarray1, 1, 0, false);

_campaign_name = result.entry_list[0].name_value_list[0].value;


But the only thing I'm getting it's the error 'Unknown error in SOAP call: service died unexpectedly'.

Someone know what is this error? Can you help me please