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In quotes module , in quoted line items : List price , unit price not pulling up from the product catalouge....

Question asked by Rahul Sharma on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by Patrick McQueen



In quotes module , we have line items to add, so when i select the products from product catalouge to add line items , only name of the product get pulled not rest of the fields like Mft Num , Cost , List , Unit ,  Price , Total , Discount


Only name of the selected product is coming rest fields , its not taking pulling from the product calaouge.



I have the doubt that we have to create the formula for rest of the fields in formula builder or we have to do it from code.


Also like name of the product these rest of the fields should also be editable so that user can also edit the fields..

I have also checked these fields and no formula are there for these fields in studio

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