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How to run 2 different scheduled tasks on 1 module at the same time ?

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on May 19, 2016

Hello everyone,


Eveything is in the title, and it is very urgent.

I have set 2 different scheduled tasks on the Contacts module.


The first, called "Import PP" reads a csv file and import the datas into the contacts and contacts_cstm tables. it does set the good relationships.

It has to run every day at certain hours (say 1pm and 10pm).


The second, called "erase records", erase contacts records whith certain conditions.

It has to run every 10min everyday.


Do you know how i could configure them so if the second is running, it does not lock up the contacts table and the Import can work ?


(i have other datas importing by other jobs, and i need to have the Contacts datas imported before launching the others)


Thanks a lot for your help, and time