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merging pdf files with sugarpdf

Question asked by Rob Douglas on May 17, 2016

I have used the SugarPDF library a number of times to create NEW PDF files based on Sugar content. I was wondering if anyone has, or knows if you can, create a new pdf document using a number of existing pdf files (that is merge a number of PDF's into a single pdf). I have downloaded and tested pdftk for this purpose, it works on the command line, but not from within PHP (it fails gracefully unfortunately) as yet..


My scenario is as follows:

  • User fills out information in a web based form and uploads 3 PDF documents as part of that form
  • Form data is POSTed to Sugar, PDF documents are uploaded to Sugar and attached to the Contact record in the Documents subpanel

I would like to MERGE those 3 PDF documents into one


Any thoughts gratefully accepted