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Can SugarCRM leverage a CDN for static content?

Question asked by Glenn Richmond on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by Mark Anderson

Hi guys,


This might be a question for the SugarCRM development team, but it seems that the performance of SugarCRM 7 across global deployments is limited as the loading of static content such as fonts, css, javascript and even the metadata is forced to be done from where the server is located. If you attempt to load a SugarCRM system hosted in Australia from Europe, for example, the loading time is far too high. Loading something as simple as a font file can take 13 seconds due to network congestion etc. Even something like the metadata file:


could easily be deployed via a CDN for production systems where the configuration isn't changing regularly.


Has anyone tried this to date or can SugarCRM themselves provide some input on this? It must be a significant limiting factor on global deployments at the moment.