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Understanding sugar outgoing mail process

Question asked by Daniel Sigrist on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Daniel Sigrist

Hi, I'm trying to understand the outgoing mail process off SugarCRM to solve some issues I'm having sending internal email. All my emails sending from sugar are going to junk/spam folder if the receiver is a colleague, i.e. has the same email domain as mine.

I'm using SugarCE Version 6.5.22 (Build 1055) in a godaddy centos os VPS server.

my smtp configurations are:


From Name: SugarCRM

From Address: (Y sequence is the IP address of my server)

Choose you email provider: OTHER


SMTP Mail Server: sYYY-YYY-YY-YY                                        SMTP Port: 465

use smtp authentication: check                                                  Enable SMTP over SSL or TSL: SSL

username: XXXXXX (same as the part before @ on the above address)

allow user to use this account for outgoing email: check.


Email test sent and received ok. email sent to people outside my domain: OK. but If I try to send to someone inside the organization, Junk.


So my questions are:


1) Which email server sugar is using? sendmail? how can I be sure?

2) how do I track the email until he leaves my server? sendmail log?


thank you.