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Issue with the Display label of dropdown of state and country in Primary Address

Question asked by Rahul Sharma on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by Rahul Sharma

Issue with UI and HTML of the Custom Module. In this module the marked drop downs for country and state, i want to move the help text or display label just above the respective drop downs of the "country" and "state".


Also if that is not possible , then the best part is to change the placeholder of the "state" and "country" dropdown from "select" to "select state" and "select country". Then we don't need display label or any help text for state and country dropdown.


So basically i want to change the default placeholder text of the dropdown that is "Select" to "Select State" and "Select Country". And will remove the help text for both the fields.


Can anybody Screenshot from 2016-05-11 21:39:24.pngScreenshot from 2016-05-11 21:39:24.png help me to get the solution for this?