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Custom Sort List View By More Than One Field

Discussion created by Jeff C on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Sohan Tirpude

What would be the best method to create a saved view/search for a list view in which the sort is done on more than one field?  There are many circumstances where you might for example have one field that can have a few values like, 'cold' 'warm' 'hot' then another field that is say, a last contacted date and you want to see a list of all your 'hot' leads putting the ones that it's been the longest time since you've contacted them at the top.  I'm a bit flabbergasted the system doesn't already have this capability built in.  In some systems, you can sort by one field first, say the date, then sort by another field, the temperature and even though there's no ability for the list header to allow two columns to be selected at the same time, the second sort basically takes the list order from the previous sort and applies the second sort so you end up with the desired result.


I suppose some way of hardcoding the sort would need to be implemented within the saved search.