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Why is maxRelatedDated returning today's date?

Question asked by Kyle Phillips on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Patrick McQueen

Version: Enterprise

Modules: Accounts, Opportunities

Logic: maxRelatedDate

Expected Outcome: Populate a custom field with the latest date from a custom field in a related module.

Error: Calculation returns today's date rather than most recent occurrence.


We are a membership service that delivers a product to our customers every week where orders are auto-generated 6 days before they are shipped. For customers that have earned VIP status we allow them to cancel and order after the cut-off date twice per year. These VIP cancellations flow from our order system into the Opportunities module attached to the order data. We have created a custom field in the Account module for Latest VIP Cancellation to bring the latests of the VIP cancellation dates into the Account level. Most opportunities will not have this date field populated and will therefore be blank. I used maxRelatedDate($opportunities,"vip_cancellation_date_c") to calculate the field in the Accounts module, but the calculation is only returning today's date.