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System duplicating relationship record between modules

Question asked by Ramon Marcondes on May 9, 2016
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I have a problem with Sugar CRM Enterprise Edition:

We developed a custom module called 'Billing', and added a One-to-Many relationship between Account (native module) and Billing.

But because of some standards set by the development team, in the relationship table we insert the ID manually, being the same as the Billing ID.

When using a webservice to import Billing data to the system (by entering with some specific ID and data), in certain conditions we create / edit Billing, using pure SQL code.

But on editing some Billings using the Sugar application, is most cases the system is generating another record in the relationship table, with same data as the previous record, but with a random ID (as Sugar does normally when creating a relationship record). In some cases it generates even more than 1 extra record.

Could it be related to the custom relationship ID?

Maybe does trigger some kind of relationship table detection on editing a record, creating another record if the ID wasn't generated by the system?

Should I change to generate the Billing relationships without custom ID code?


Any help would be appreciated.


Ramon Marcondes