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SugarCRM Mobile: Inconsistant search behavior on iPad

Question asked by Jim Puccio on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Jim Puccio

I am seeing some inconsistent search results when using SugarCRM mobile 3.03 on iPad running iOS 9.3.1.  I have not tested other devices.  Sugar version is


If I want to find an account, call it SomeAccount, I should be able to tap on the Ac icon, put some metadata in the search field such as the account name, and find that account.  Instead I am getting a "No Records Found" result.


If instead I go to the Global Search function and search for the same string, I am finding the account I am looking for.


I have verified that I can find the account I am looking for using IE on my desktop, logging into my SugarCRM instance, clicking on the Accounts tab and entering the same search string I am using on the iPad with SugarCRM Mobile.


Any thoughts on why I would get different search results / behaviors?