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Deleted value of a Related Field to Same module still appears to ListView

Question asked by Irene Joy Cahilo on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Irene Joy Cahilo

Hi guys!


Have you guys encountered deleting a record but it still shows on a related field on the list view? But it should be with the same module.


Let's say we created a relate field that relates to the same/self module.

For example,


1. On Contacts we create a relate field that relates to Contacts.

2. Then add that field to the List View and record view.

3. On the contact relate field of Contact1, relate it to Contact2.

4. Delete the Contact2 record.

5. On the record view of Contact1, there's no value for the contact field.

6. However on the list view, there's still a value on the relate field even if the Contact2 has been deleted.


Is there any way to solve this?