Conditional editing: "Only allow editing between these dates"

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Hi all,


Been given a really interesting query by a client today


They have a set of colleagues who are tasked with providing an activity report each month in Excel. The formatting of that report is consistent and is a mix of integer fields and free text. These colleagues are rushed off their feet and sometimes the reports are submitted late.


What we're thinking is how this can be done in Sugar. My proposal is

  • Colleague fills in the data into pre-defined fields in Sugar
  • We produce a report using a yet-to-be-chosen reporting module (we use Sugar CE) which spits out the data each month in a format close/identical to the current one


This is all run-of-the-mill stuff but what I would like to do is conditionally format the fields so they are

  • Only available for editing in a given date range, and only available for viewing after that (which should nudge the colleagues into submitting prompt reports)
  • The date range is selected by the administrator in the client's org - ie it's done in-browser rather than the code


Is this sort of thing possible?