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how do you handle ping-pong emails from autoreplies?

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on May 2, 2016

Cases has an autoreply, occasionally we have automated emails that go out with a reply-to case queue address, unfortunately they sometimes are sent to some customer's ticketing system which in turn sends a confirmation. The receipt of the confirmation email causes a new case to be created and an autoreply from us... generating a confirmation from them and another case and so on.

Today we had over 3800 cases created by such a ping-pong email before I realized (much by chance) and removed the latest inbound confirmation from the inbox to stop the madness. I then marked all these cases as deleted from the back end (too many to mass update from the front end).


The only way I have found to stop ping-pong emails from cases queues with autoreplies is to intercept the autoreply sent by the other end before SugarCRM can read it, effectively reading the message in a mail client before Sugar can get to its next run of Check Inbound Mailboxes.


Is there a better prevention? The cases are all same: same from, same body, same name. Could there be/Should there be a duplicate check of some kind to stop ping-pong emails from creating multiple cases? Did I miss something in the Cases Inbound Email config?




This is still a BIG issue for us, is there a way to get Sugar to see the X-Auto-Response-Suppress: All

In the header of the email and avoid the auto-reply?