Check out the new entries in the App Throwdown!

Discussion created by mweitzel Employee on Apr 27, 2016

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the sugardevs who are creating killer stuff on the platform. There are a bunch of new entries that just came in to this year's App Throwdown! Don't forget, YOU can put one of these people on SugarCon's main stage by voting for Community Favorite!!! It's easier than voting in the U.S. presidential primaries--all you gotta do is "Like" the blog post! Here's some of the cool stuff you can check out...


Email integration seems like a big theme this year:


Document management also has some strong representation:


But there are tons of other stuff in there as well that really make the platform shine. Of course, you don't need to be an ISV to enter! If you've done something cool on the platform--especially with mobile and the IoT--and want to show it off, then justdoit!! Here's How to Submit Your App to the App Throwdown! After all, you could find yourself the Community Favorite and wind up on SugarCon's main stage!