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Relate notes, emails, and calls to both opportunities and accounts?

Question asked by victoriaforms on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by john mckenzie

I am trying to make notes, emails, and calls show up on the history subpanel for both the main account, and for individual opportunities.


At the moment I can only relate notes to either the account OR the opportunity (using the 'Related To' fields in the edit layout) and this means that anyone viewing the account may miss information that is entered into the opportunity which is actually relevant to the account overall.


I'd like the History subpanel on the main account to pull information from the opportunities module as well as from the subpanels on the account page.


So far I've managed to add a 'Relate' field into the edit layout of a Note, but adding in the related opportunity to this field doesn't add the note to the account history.


'Test Opportunity Note' added to 'Test Council' history subpanel has the custom field 'Related Opportunity':



'Test Council' shows 'Test Opportunity Note' in its History Subpanel:



But 'Example Opportunity' does not show 'Test Opportunity Note in its History subpanel:



I am using Sugar Community Edition 6.5


Calls and archived emails are different again and don't show up on the layout in Studio - so I am even more lost with them!


Can anyone help me?