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Sugar - The total count of records in subpanel list views it doesn't work correctly

Question asked by Rubén Recacha Camacho on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Rubén Recacha Camacho



I'm in a demo (SugarCRM Enterprise, Version, and I think there is a functionality that is not working correctly.

Specifically, the functionality is the total number of records in a subpanel. If we have a subpanel hidden and click on the number (5+ for example), the counter is removed from subpanel. It only works when we open the subpanel before we click on the total number.


Steps to Reproduce:

  - Go to a contact record view.

  - Click on the total records of some subpanel that have more than 5 records (which appears for example, 5 of 6+).

Sin título.png

Expected result:

  - Subpanel shows "5 of 44".


Obtained result:

  - Text "5 of 6+" is deleted!.


However, if we have opened the subpanel before click, it works.


Is this functionality is by default?


Thank you very much.


Rubén Recacha.

Consultant REDK Software Engineering