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Problem to add multiple contacts with the same mail and name (Relationship. Accounts <-> Contacts)

Question asked by alex alex on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by alex alex

Hi, guys.

I have a little problem.

(SugarCRM 6.5)


I synchronize my 3500 users which from other application into SugarCRM (synchronize with webservice set_entries method).

My user have a company name.

     - Where I have just one user with one company, I add him into Accounts module.

     - Where I have multiple users with the same company, I add one into Accounts module and the others into Contacts.
(I have one principal user into Accounts and other into Contacts, principal user is duplicated in Contacts).

When I click on Accounts I can see my Contacts with the same company name.


My problem is where I add multiple contacts with the same mail (email1) and name (last_name), they go to contact_users table and I cant see him into Accounts view (Contacts submodule).


I know, I create a duplicates entries (I have one same user into Accounts and Contacts with the same name and mail), but what is the problem ?
Duplicate entry ?

Relationship many to many ?


I get stuck in since several days.