Kushank Jain

custom Quotes.js is not working on ondemand.

Discussion created by Kushank Jain on Apr 21, 2016

I have go to ROOT/modules/quotes/tpls

open EditViewFooter.tpl

and change this


src="{sugar_getjspath file='modules/Quotes/quotes.js'}"


src="{sugar_getjspath file='custom/modules/Quotes/quotes.js'}"


But this custom/modules/Quotes/quotes.js is not working on ondemand.



When I either edit the modules/Quotes/tpls/EditViewFooter.tpl in my local, or I replace the stock modules/Quotes/quotes.js (note, not custom) with the custom file, I see the button.


Since this customization involves editing a stock file, this customization will not pass Sugar On-Demand's package scan. This is the reason we  are not seeing the customization in the OnDemand instance.


Anybody can help in this?