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Sugar 7.6 - prevent users from entering duplicate values in specific field

Question asked by Cédric Raoul on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by Angel Magana

Hi all,


I've been looking everywhere and found approaching answers but couldn't find exactly what I need.


The problem seems very simple at first glance but for some reasons, I can't find my way around it. In our Accounts module, we need to enter a company number. This number is unique to each company (1 company = 1 unique number).


I'd like that field to check for duplicate value when creating a new Account. For example, the existing Account A has the following company number : 1234


If a user creates new Account B and uses 1234 as the company number, Sugar should prevent him from saving his record and display a warning saying : "company number already exists" (or whatever that warns the user that this number is not valid). The goal is to prevent duplicate values that would plague the entire DB.


Is this integrated into SugarCRM or do I need to ask for a specific development from our provider or do I need a specific add-on to do this ?


Thanks all for your inputs!