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How to Set up a mail accounts with bounce handling with Gmail

Question asked by Teresa Obis on Apr 19, 2016



I am trying to teach SugarCRM to my Marketing Students at Business School at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Just tomorrow I would like to show them how to make an  eMail Marketing Campaign but I can not Set up my mail account with bounce handling.  I use an email account cretated in Gmail. I have my 2 step verification disable, I say Yes to use Gmail with small security level, I started my Gmail account in the same browse than SugarCE.

Find attached my setting, but when I try to save them the server gives me and 504 Time Out error. Also when I try to create the Bounce email account by the Admin > Inbound Email, I do not get any answer neither for the testing option nor the save option.

I waste all day long trying to solve the problem, and now I am writing this question at the community as a last resort.


PLEASE, can anyone help me. I would be very, very grateful.