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SugarCRM 6.5.3 - missing buttons

Question asked by f I on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by jsmith



I've upgraded SugarCRM instance and after upgrade additional buttons are missing

E.g. in view accounts page

There are "Edit", "Duplicate", "Delete", "Find Duplicates", "View change logs" buttons in 6.4.6 version, however in upgraded 6.5.3 version there is only "Edit" button.

The same problem is with buttons in subpanels, e.g. in Activities. There are "Create Task", "Schedule meeting", "Log Call", "Compose Email" in old version, but only "Create Task" in new version.


I detected that

a) there is javascript error in console when I am opening page - "$(...).sugarActionMenu is not a function".

b) missed buttons still exist in new version, but they are hidden. <ul> list with "subnav" class is hidden.

c) there is updated css style file in new version: <crm>\themes\Sugar5\css\style.css

(see attached screenshot)


I tried to simply replace css file from previous CRM version, then js error in console was resolved and buttons became visible in new version also, however style is not correct so I assume this is not correct solution.



Has anybody faced this problem before and Could you help me resolve this problem?


I assume that there is something wrong with configuration.


Thank you in advance,