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Email sent from sugar not reaching the receiver.

Question asked by Daniel Sigrist on Apr 15, 2016

Hi all,


I have a odd problem.

I have sugar CE Version 6.5.22 (Build 1055).

As a test I tried to send an email from sugar to a personal email: I also put my yahoo email in copy: The thing is that after 5 minutes I received the email in my yahoo account, but my account never received the email. It's not in the SPAM/JUNK box. So I need help to figure this out, because I have a user complaining that there are some of his emails that are not reaching the leads which is bad from a commercial point of view. First I thought it was just a know IT guy complaining over nothing. But in my test, it happened to me. So, because I'm a sugar newbie, I need help. Maybe is a sendmail problem or any other email server that my host provider is using.


I have a VPS hosted by godaddy with CentOS release 6.7 (Final).


thank you,