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Sugar 7.5 : standard workflow not working & How to set a workflow on a change of multi enum field?

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Apr 14, 2016

Hello everyone,

Running under SugarCRM 7.5.2, i have two questions about workflow :


1) Workflow does not launch

First of all, one of my workflow for Accounts module (built under the standrad workflow manager), does not launch, and i have no errors under the sugarcrm.log.

Here is the workflow :

For new or modified records,

When the field "list_field_c" is modified

Update the field "date_field_c" to 0hours from declenched date


So, I wanted this workflow to update the "date_filed_c" to the current day, when the "list_field_c" is changed. No big deal, is it ?

Well, this works for Contacts module, but not for Accounts one.

Do you have any idea why the workflow is not launched ?


2) How to set a workflow on multi-enum field ?

Secondly, I was wondering how can i translate my following wishes into a workflow :

For new and modified record,

I want to test the multi-select field "mullti_list_c" and update a date field to current day.


But the tricky question comes now :

How do i say "If multi_list_c's new value contains any of the choices in the list, update the date. But if multi_list_c comes back to empty, blank, erase the date" ?


So, if you could help me with workflow, giving me some tips etc.., i'd truly appreciate it !


Thanks a lot for your time!