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relation between modules

Question asked by William Rippen on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by geno

I need to make a Relation  between Accounts with  a new ModuleXXX

In the Module I have the field Acompany which have to be linked with Name(Company) in Accounts.


I wonder how to make the relation :


1     Within the Modules XXX  where there is a relation Icon to make that relation (Many to Many)  ?? Accounts--manyyo Many  Aproducts Module


2      or...  Within the ACCOUNTS to make the Many to Many relation with Module XXX  ??


I tried several times  with a small test file, but  the Module XXX field (Aproduct) field is not showing in the Dashletl under Accounts

Fields in Module XXX. Under listview Aproducts Acompany I see that import was okay BUT WITHOUT the required relation to Accounys.


Module Aproduct:


Acompany ( to be lined with Accounts

Aproduct  to be shown in a createdletashlet under Accounts


Any idea ???