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Metadata queries while using REST API

Question asked by Rohan Gholap on Apr 7, 2016

Ques 1 - While accessing REST API of SugarCRM, we didn't find any Primacy Key information for all entities. However, we have identified that for most of the entities there is an "Id" field and under its comments "Unique identifier" is mentioned.


(a) So, on the basis of this we are considering Id as a PK for those entities/ Tables

(b) There are other tables/entities in which neither ID not "Unique identifier" is mentioned. In such cases what should be the Primary Key


Ques 2 - While accessing the REST API of SugarCRM, in the metadata, we can see few properties under different tables as below.

                 1) Id has "reportable" as true

2) modified_user_id has "isnull"

3) Similarly we have importable and mass update


(a) we are not sure about these properties and would like to know if we have any documentation to explain these.

(b) Also, is there any property in metadata which displays filterable property.