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Single Sign On

Question asked by arun on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by jsmith

I am trying to integrate Single Sign On (SSO)  in Sugar CRM using Google SAML apps.

I am using SugarCRM Enterprise, Version

  I am using the below link as my reference 


I want to know in Sugar side

path admin->password management ->SAML Authentication->Login URL

1) What I have to ente@r in Login URL in SAML Authentication ? Where I will get this ?  What is the use of this Login URL ? 


In google admin console after buying domain

APPS->SAML APPS->Settings for SugarCRM -> Service Provider Details. 

2) Here I want know,  what are these fields? What are the uses of these ? Where I will get these? 

ACS URL  * Entity ID   *Start URL