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Limitation of "get/Object_Name" API Call

Question asked by Anush Shetty on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by Alex Nassi


We are using SugarCRM Ondemand Instance.

We are using the following API call to read data from SugarCRM objects(Leads,Accounts,Contacts..etc)



The expectation is, this API call should return all the records present in the Object,but instead it is throwing "500 Internal Server Error"


In our scenario , we have around 4,000 records in "Contacts" and when we fire this API call it is throwing "500 Internal Server Error",but if we delete some records,for example lets assume only 2000 records are there in "Contacts",when we fire this API now it is returning all the 2000 records in response.


Could anybody please help us with this issue??