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Best Way to Setup Drip Marketing?

Question asked by Jeff C on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by Tony Romano

Running Community (actually SuiteCRM version so I have Advanced Open Workflow available.)  Wondering what people's thoughts are on the best way to implement this drip marketing scheme within Sugar?


- Two sources of leads: Inquiries (web form, phone calls) and Marketing Lists (local business contact list)  Obviously the first group are 'warm' and the second are 'cold'

- The 'cold' list gets a template email sent to them.

- The warm list and email responses from the cold list showing interest get more information on the particular product/service they are interested in and/or setup a meeting.

- Cold lists members that don't respond are moved to a 'cold drip marketing' list to get infrequent automated emails

- Warm list and cold list people that initially responded that don't convert to won opportunities are put on a cold, warm or hot list 'not won' list and depending on how the interaction went.  If there wasn't a good fit with no potential for future business, they go on the cold list (or possibly a do not contact again list).  If there's some potential for future business they are on the warm list and get ocassional emails.  If they opportunity wasn't won but there is a high likelihood of doing business with them in the near future, they go on the hot list in which case they will get a personal followup.


It would seem the initial cold list is really a target in Sugar speak.  And the warm list (they inquired) is really a leads.  However, is there a big problem in just treating both as Leads in sugar and differentiating them with the lead source field?  Could a workflow then be created to send an email only to the leads that have a 'cold' lead source as opposed to putting one into targets and the other into leads?  We want to keep things simple.


The other major hurdle is when an Opportunity is not won, then what module should we use to truck them from that point on?  Do we just go back to the originating lead that was converted and update a lead temperature field and then we can run a workflow 'IF lead is THIS temperature and was already converted, then send THIS email X days from conversion date'  But we need the workflow to run on when the opportunity was closed as  not won, not when it was converted.


Lots to think about here.  I'm sure other have gone down this path before just want to try to avoid spending time going down dead ends.